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‘tis the season to be virally charitable

19 December 2008

Firstly – Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday & Festive Greetings to anyone reading this....

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Festive fun from HereComesTheBoss

11 December 2008

Fact: there's not enough smiling in the world - so when I got the link to this video I was made...

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'tis the season to be snowy

10 December 2008

well - OK - I write this from the far East of England which isn't particularly known for its...

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First thoughts from the new look Monster

8 December 2008

In case anyone who happens across this blog is un-aware of who Monster are, they're one of...

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The internet + (- faux pas / (listening x communicating)) = tangible result

5 December 2008

What I especially love in this game is when something happens that brings home the real...

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