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Some Friday fun - possibly at Stephen Fry's expense

28 November 2008

Now sometimes you just come across something that is too good to keep to yourself - even though...

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e-Recruitment Best Practice Guide & growing old

26 November 2008

A colleague of mine on the DigitalRecruiting blog, John Whitehurst ( this guy not this one...

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What happens when an ad message goes very wrong?

19 November 2008

If you have a spread of blog feeds (in particular feeds that are from the US) then you will...

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When you change the game & don’t communicate – we all lose

18 November 2008

I’ve been a t-mobile customer for a year now. How do I know that? I know that because a...

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Reviewing - a truly recruitment 2.0 site

12 November 2008

The guys over at MyLongLunch (who look to "harnesses the power of online community to connect...

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Welcome one, welcome all - the first post

7 November 2008

Quite a big day this the launch of the 3D MarComms website proper. As a business we've been...

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