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To collaborate or stagnate - surely that is the question

26 February 2009

Well I certainly think it is the question businesses need to be asking of themselves in these...

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Recruiting: SoMe, Web 2.0, Pros & Cons and the future - some thoughts

19 February 2009

I was recently approached by ("The Magazine for Online Recruitment around the...

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The best, certainly most compelling, Employer Branding presentation I've ever seen.

16 February 2009

OK, perhaps a bold statement, but I really can't think of another presentation on Employer...

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Bom Bom Bom - Bom-bar-dier

12 February 2009

Another day and another collaborative website launch to put on our "Delivered" list. Again this...

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Virgin Careers Portal finished and live

4 February 2009

It's been a busy ole time over the past couple of months for Tony & his techy mates as we...

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Enough to Kindle a new interest in e-books?

4 February 2009

So Amazon are just about to launch their second generation kindle e-book reader - and as...

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Pimp My Christmas Tree - results

2 February 2009

Just before Christmas rather than the usual cards we sent out some flat foam Christmas trees...

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