At 3DMarComms we believe in telling it how we see it. So here you'll find a mix of our thoughts and opinions about whatever's currently grabbing our attention, as well as updates on the great work we are doing for our many clients.

Welcome to the 3DMarComms blog - we hope you enjoy.

2nd Annual HARBOUR Forum

24 November 2013

Last week we held our second ever HARBOUR Forum - this time in Reading. We'll update more on...

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"Say what you see" - a neat little exhibition iPad competition

18 June 2013

We're working hard building a great ATS and ensuring we maintain our great level of support,...

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So - what have we been up to?

26 April 2013

Now there are plenty of things that we should be shouting about in the name of self-promotion,...

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From a global brand - to education & back again - what a November

4 December 2011

"Goodness me." As we approach the end of the year at Mach 2 then that's probably...

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Some things are worth waiting for - like AshleyKate

4 December 2011

I won't even count up how long we've been waiting for this little launch - but suffice...

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Yelling about HARBOUR and the all important "S" word

10 November 2011

Things have been busy here at HARBOUR HQ. Hell - things have been REALLY busy! But...

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One tiny step for LinkedIn - a giant statement and a UK first (possibly) for us

8 September 2011

We're a small but merry and dedicated band here at HARBOUR HQ. We generally prefer to keep...

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Say hello to Amy & Kimberly

2 March 2010

Two hellos / welcomes from us today. Firstly I'd like you all to meet Amy. “If it...

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Fixing homes and losing pounds - all good for business

4 February 2010

We've just delivered two nice little projects that I thought we should just tell you about -...

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New year - new recruit (& some clear MI)

19 January 2010

Towards the end of last year we set about recruiting to expand our development capability (which...

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Heinz Meanz (no) Seamz

12 October 2009

One of the things that Alex and Tony told me about 3D MarComms and HARBOUR was the speed at...

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