At 3DMarComms we believe in telling it how we see it. So here you'll find a mix of our thoughts and opinions about whatever's currently grabbing our attention, as well as updates on the great work we are doing for our many clients.

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8 February 2017

Each year we opt to not send Christmas cards or quirky gifts and the like, but rather give a...

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Trying to make up for lost blogs - Christmas & charity

24 April 2016

Believe you me - I get annoyed when I find myself starting blogs "where has the time...

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Christmas festive best wishes

22 December 2015

It's that time of the year when we ask our clients, suppliers and friends to have a little...

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Festive jumper fun

18 December 2015

As we head into our 8th year of company existance, there are some things that have become quite...

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Red Nose Day 2015

13 March 2015

We're very proud to have been working with Comic Relief for quite a few years now, providing...

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New year catch up blog

10 March 2015

January's a bit of a month for broken resolutions - and it would seem that our push last...

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Jumpering for chariddeeee

12 December 2014

So today was Christmas Jumper Day in work, well it was for us anyway - all in aid of Save The...

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Coming good on our festive promise

26 February 2014

What's grown into a "bit of a thing" for us is that we don't send out...

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The 3DMarComms festive thing

31 December 2013

It's now a pretty established tradition that we don't send out cards n stuff, but prefer...

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Dale's got on his bike - literally

26 April 2013

Well - not really - 'cos it's not his bike, but he's certainly breaking it in for...

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Playing the fool for Comic Relief

16 April 2013

A month ago it was a great opportunity to 'Do something funny for money' on behalf of...

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Doing our bit for "chariidee"

16 April 2013

Quite unlike Smashey and Nicey we really don't like to talk about it, but at the same...

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