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Bom Bom Bom - Bom-bar-dier

posted by Alex Hens
12 February 2009

Another day and another collaborative website launch to put on our "Delivered" list. Again this one was done working with the lovely people at ThirtyThree and to be honest was finished back at the end of last year - but with a bit of tweaking here and there and some lengthy sign off delay it only went live yesterday. But live it is, and although a modest little affair we think a nice little campaign style site using some very well produced corporate videos. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to better connect with the company ATS (in this instance Taleo - unfortunately, IMO, demonstrating all the front end shortcomings and inflexibility of those big systems), but hopefully the content is compelling enough for the candidate to bear with the hoops they're required to jump through before finding and completing an application. Anyway - Lady & Gent - we're pleased to reveal (a nice URL for all you vanity url fans out there ;)) [caption id="attachment_106" align="alignnone" width="629" caption="Bombardier - Where It's Happening recruitment site"]Bombardier - Where It's Happening recruitment site[/caption]