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See something funny this red nose day - Tribal Resourcing

posted by Alex Hens
13 March 2009

Just incase you've not seen one of the funniest videos the UK recruitmemnt industry has produced in quite some time (maybe ever) - then you have to go check out the Tribal resourcing Star Trek Spoof. My money says this is a pure internal effort that the Senior Management didn't realise they would never be able to keep a hold of, however (and I guess you can't really blame them) in an article they're trying to spin it as a master stroke in viral marketing. Trot over to and have a look see for yourself. Tribal Resourcing boldly viral marketing where others fear to tread or more a case of the person who concepted & executed the whole thing needing the vulcan death grip? Either way - it'll certainly raise a smile (after you've uncurled your toes perhaps). :D