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Sometimes a seasonally re-skinned site just isn't enough

posted by Alex Hens
27 April 2009

If you've popped into this site a few times since we launched it back in the autumn of last year you'd have noted how we try and keep a seasonal theme (started with 3DMC coloured leaves, then snow flakes and as we broke into spring a few weeks back so the chicks hatched forth - our own little tweetettes). Anyway, seems that our designer needed to get some darkness out of his system (design wise). I don't think you could get more of a contrast from what went before. Are we turning to the dark side? Is the palette of the site reflecting the economic mood at large? Nahhhh - we just like the contrast and subtle touches the design master (whether Jedi or Sith) has added. Hope you do too. Let us know either way :) Let us know if you have any opinions on it.