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A new dimension to 3D MarComms

posted by Alex Hens
7 August 2009

It's with a great big smile across my face that I can reveal some of the most exciting news for 3D MarComms since we sent out our first invoice. We've got a new member joining us. Someone to share the dream and help make it a reality. I'd like to introduce you all to our Commercial Director - Adam Gretton. I've known Adam for a number of years as he worked as a leading Sales Rep with, and has consistently been right at the top of my list of Media Reps when it came to people who knew their stuff, putting delivery and integrity of product first every-time, building the brand's reputation for excellence along the way and played an integral part in making it the success that saw the FT buy it up recently. Adam's coming on board to help out day-to-day as well as shaping the business going forward and, of course, spreading the good word of HARBOUR® as far as we can - but only after he's taken a little break to go on a long postponed holiday to Australia for a month with his family. So he'll be back mid September with a healthy glow, probably a funny twang to his slight west country lilt, and raring to get wading into all those shooty green things everyone's falling over themselves on the BBC to tell us may well, possibly, could be sprouting (although you have to wonder why we're still listening to the very same buffoons that didn't foresee what we've recently been living through until that was already a bandwagon of misery and despair they could jump on and wallow in - if you excuse the mixed metaphor). So quite a second summer this is proving to be – but boy am I looking forward to Autumn!