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CareerSiteAdvisor Recruiter Cast 23/09/09

posted by Alex Hens
28 September 2009

OK - week 2 and I'm like Johnny 5 in Short Circuit - input, input and more input!  (furrowed brow? click here).  In any case, what I mean is that I'm immersing myself in 3D MarComms, HARBOUR® and the whole ATS market, so that I can add value to our client base as quickly as possible (and add a few clients too, of course). In the meantime, Alex took part in the first ever Recruiter Cast (61 mins) as put on by CareerSiteAdvisor last week.  I thought it might be useful to link to this, to demonstrate the angle that we are coming from. An abridged version of just Alex's input (10 mins - quite succinct for him! ;)) can be seen below, covering where 3D MarComms and HARBOUR® ATS came from, to the state of the economy and the future for job boards: