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A year of nothing? Hardly!

posted by Alex Hens
10 April 2013

The reality just hit hard - it's now been over a year since I last blogged. I don't know whether that's ridiculous / embarrassing or just well what it is.

I'm certainly not making any apologies for being flat our delivering some great HARBOUR stuff and focussing on delighting our clients (reckon we must have the best retention record of any ATS!), but as someone with a background in marketing I know how important maintaining a blog should probably be.

I do know that I started 2013 thinking “I really have to make time to write something even if it's just a line here or thereŁ, but here we are in April again and this is the first time I'm forcing myself to overcome that blogging inertia. How the flipping heck did it get to April??!!!

Believe you me the silence hasn't been for a shortage of things to talk about. And it's definitely not because we're no longer in business. Makes me realise that whilst I appreciate in the past we have been accused of seemingly working to actively hide our light under our collective bushel, for anyone paying any attention to what we've actually been doing you'd be forgiven for thinking we're actively working to bury it - which is very much NOT the case :-]

So let's take this micro post as a resetting of the clock. It starts again here  and as we steam towards our 5th birthday I'll fire up some updates over the next week or two from the last year to bring any readers up to date, but also please take this as an apology if it's a little out of order or I forget something. In summary though: it's all good - & watch this space, there's more to follow. Promise :)