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2nd Annual HARBOUR Forum

posted by Alex Hens
24 November 2013

Last week we held our second ever HARBOUR Forum - this time in Reading. We'll update more on the specifics over the next couple of days, but for the event we blew the virtual dust off our twitter account and here's what we tweeted on the day:

3D MarComms  The Harbour team are on final approach, docking with Madejski stadium

3D MarComms Very snazzy here.

HARBOUR Forum 2013 - Madejski Millennium Hotel, Reading, UK

HARBOUR Forum 2013 - Madejski Millennium Hotel, Reading, UK

3D MarComms Welcome to Joe and Phil from @absolutedata joining us today at the Harbour Forum
3D MarComms Welcome to all of the lovely clients that have joined us here at the Harbour Forum. The hotel has put on a lovely spread for lunch #omnomnom
3D MarComms A special welcome to our other guest speaker @petergold99
Alastair Cartwright @3DMarComms is that the Madjeski Millenium Hotel near Reading?
3D MarComms @alcartwright Yes indeed! And the folks at @MadejskiHotel have been very accommodating so far
Alastair Cartwright @3DMarComms @MadejskiHotel thanks thinking of doing an event there soon.
3D MarComms And the forum begins, welcome everyone!

Alex getting things kicked off

Alex getting things kicked off

3D MarComms "It's only by listening to people that we can produce something our clients want to use" #harbourforum
3D MarComms Our Ops director, Graham, talking us through some of the more awesome third party integrations

Graham front & centre, with Dale and Sarah raring to go on the background

Graham front & centre, with Dale and Sarah raring to go in the background

3D MarComms - Mobile sites have been really big for us this last year, a talk by our account director, Sarah Axcell #harbourforum
3D MarComms Dale Bailey showing off some enhancements to the system dashboards #harbourforum
3D MarComms Phil and Joe giving a brief talk on complying with data protection and information governance #harbourforum
3D MarComms Peter Gold giving a talk - what is data? #harbourforum
3D MarComms "It's what you do, rather than what you say you do, that matters." #harbourforum
3D MarComms "We're very passionate that you're going to shape what we're doing, going forward" #harbourforum
3D MarComms Some great conversations being had in the breakout sessions. Can social media be a silver bullet? #harbourforum
3D MarComms And the forum shifts slightly to the right. Coincidentally next to the bar. #harbourforum
3D MarComms A big thank you to all our guests at last night's #harbourforum. The event was massively useful to us, and hopefully you too!