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2014 - the year of the HARBOUR Dragon

posted by Alex Hens
10 February 2014

Something we’ve been thinking about for what seems like forever and working on for a couple of months, is the opening of a satellite office. No, not something fizzing around the world alongside telstar, but a second office here on planet earth. It’s all about offering more local servicing to some existing key clients and looking to make the most of a particular part of the HARBOUR offer that’s highly appropriate for this particular geographical market and really does leave the competition flailing in our wake.

Today we opened 3D MarComms Cardiff!

3DMC Cardiff  aka  HARBOUR Wales  aka  Daniel & Joel

3DMC Cardiff – aka – HARBOUR Wales – aka – Daniel & Joel


Along our journey to date I have often reflected that some of the most significant steps we’ve taken have all too easily been so much taken within our stride that in effect we could be accused of being guilty of missing them altogether. Well we didn’t and we don’t – but client needs & delivering to that always come first in everything we do, so I guess understated expansion and modest promotion of what we do [read: "Industry Ninja"] is just a part of who we are. Or at least who we’ve been so far.

So as my co-founder / CTO and I race into a gridlocked London to help someone out with some consulting, as beds in with some truly agile brilliance along the way to help out the very busy team, as Admiral love seeing the ease and completeness of their new OnBoarding portal deliver massive efficiencies from the off, and as just works in its responsive design simplicity, then I thought I should take a moment out to write this quick post as a little kind of “Yay!” to the hard work of all involved in 3DMarComms that is underpinning these exciting times.

And where are we in Cardiff? We’re here:

Castle Court
6 Cathedral Road
CF11 9LJ

#HomeSweetHome #CartrefMelysCartref

See you soon? Hope so  :)