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New year catch up blog

posted by Alex Hens
10 March 2015

January's a bit of a month for broken resolutions - and it would seem that our push last year on updating people as to what we're up to through this 'ere blog has suffered accordingly. And right the way into March. :-/  Sorry. 

Ah well - we're nothing if not consistent (I wager you'll need more than your fingers and toes to count the number of blogs I've started over the past 7 years with "how can it have been 3 months since my last blog!", "where the hell is time flying to!!" or similar).

So time for a quick few blogs with update being the key. 

Update 1: Christmas donation

We held good to our promise (read about it here: and the outcome was donations going in the following order :

1st : Children's Cander & Leukaemia Group

joint 2nd : Save the Children + Essex Air Ambulance

And as it was a healthy donation pot then I'm pretty sure no-one could be left feeling that they lost :)