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Update 3: working with Pasta, Pizza, Coq au vin or mussels - HARBOUR's got it covered

posted by Alex Hens
10 March 2015

As part of our busy time of late we've also launched 2 new complete sites with a 3rd on its way, all under Casual Dining Group.

"Casual Dining Group - who?" I hear you ask. Well - they're the company behind such high street brands as Bella Italia, Cafe Rouge and Belgos. Bella's site is still being finished off, but of course we still established a nice little holding piece for them in the mean time.

All sites are responsive (of course) and, as a company that always likes to put the candidate experience right up there, we've integrated the location search so if you're on one brand site and there's a close by restaurant of another brand within the Group then we'll show you any roles they're recruiting for and provide a link through to apply.