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Red Nose Day 2015

posted by Alex Hens
13 March 2015

We're very proud to have been working with Comic Relief for quite a few years now, providing the system that underpins their recruitment activity - but we also like to get involved a little further too. So today we're all doing that little bit more for Red Nose Day. From baking to face painting to some very interesting hair styles, we've got the full range going off.

And we've commited to give a company donation of £20 for every employee who proves they can be ar*ed for charity, so whilst we're still waiting for a couple of people who are not working today (no excuse in my book) to confirm what they've done, it looks like we're going to be breaking the £500 mark. 

Well done everyone here - and well done everyone at Comic Relief. Keep up the incredible work you do :o)