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GDPR - Gang of Dedicated Programmers Rocking-out!

posted by Alex Hens
9 March 2018

So everyone totally mind melted in regards to GDPR? Goodness me it's a proper bore isn't it. Still - we're very pleased that we spent so long last year getting under the skin of the subject, and have to say am pretty proud with the progress being made in this regards on behalf of our clients.

And in a "silver lining" kinda way, Tony (our CTO and all round good guy and code wizard) has been using it as an opportunity to get the broader dev team working together as a single broad project - part training, part team cohesion, all good for HARBOUR codebase and clients. Anyway - just thought I'd share a snap of 3D MarComms' GDPR Rangers. 


Go go go GDPR!!