How disappointing would it be if we didn't practise what we preached - joined-up candidate engagement and recruitment. So here's our own job section where you can apply for one of our current vacancies or leave a speculative application.

PHP Developer

Maldon, Essex and Cardiff, Wales
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About the company

In 2008, we were a start-up with two of us working all hours in our respective spare rooms to build a software product. It's been a long slog to get to where we are today, we've faced many challenges and are still pumping in the hours, but we've grown to thirty five people across two offices, have over 70 clients (with some big big brand names too), are increasingly stepping up our global reach, have a healthy pipeline of new business and, of course, a busy support flow.

About the dev team

Ten of us are developers, and we're all working on this product together. We have a flexible structure to our team, working to each other's strengths whilst also stretching our knowledge and skills. We're always talking and learning from each other as we solve problems and build features. We use git, we have individual development servers, we build and use tools for automation and release management. We have full control of the whole stack and make it as flexible as we need it to be.

About you

  • You are a full stack web developer.
  • You can build a prototype for an idea in a matter of hours.
  • You have good interpersonal skills, and can explain complicated things to anyone.

In terms of skills, you'll be well-versed in PHP, with strong analytical skills, the ability to grok complex data structures and not be afraid to talk through ideas and work in a team environment to make sure we continue to delight our customers with our speed of response and highly usable solutions. Our setup is Linux servers, running Apache, MySQL and PHP - so the more you understand these fields, the better.

About the job

The variety of work ranges from hand-rolling php sites to linux devops, with a sprinkling of javascript. Everything from building integrations with 3rd parties, designing back-end stats reports, working with the client team to design improved user features, and much more.

We're always on the lookout for smart, innovative developers who are looking for a challenge. People who want to be part of something and can bring the right smarts to help us build cooler stuff and deliver ever more scalable solutions.

This is a pretty fast-paced, dynamic environment and we're looking for the right people - not job titles. So whether you consider yourself to be a junior developer with some insane levels of enthusiasm and home built portfolio, or a mid to senior-level developer who wants to find something that doesn't involve a commute or simply gets you back to doing what you like to do best i.e. building stuff, then show us what you have and we'll happily show you what we're about.

We'll be straight with you (very much our style) as over the years we've kissed a lot of "developer frogs", many of whom fell short at the first hurdle of a PHP test. But don't be put off - if you know that you're not just a PHP copy-and-paste merchant, if you have the passion for coding that makes you build stuff for yourself instead of putting up with some half-arsed script found on the net, then you owe it to yourself to get in touch. We’ve had raw graddies score hi 70% - it really is about your approach and quality of thinking rather than “years served”.

Put simply we're more interested in seeing what you can do before we look at your CV, so if this sounds like your kind of place, there's some short coding challenges on the first step, followed by a little test. If we like the look of your answers, there'll be a telephone chat to find out more about you and then a face-to-face interview at our offices.

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